Welcome to the Brand New Raw and Unfiltered Podcast

Upgrade Season

A Private (Conversation-Based) Podcast for 6, 7 and 8 Figure Online Experts
Who Want To Grow Their Business While Bringing Greater Peace, Health and
Enjoyment To Their Lives and Businesses

Go behind the scenes with Chris Evans (from Traffic and
Funnels) and host Ryan Schwartz as they pull back the curtain
of how he built multiple 7 and 8 figure businesses.
You’ll hear about the success and more importantly
the failures on the journey.

Dear new friend,

I’m keeping this podcast limited because I want to have room to have conversations about the challenges growth entrepreneurs (like you) have in growing a business while also having margin. More profit. More time. Healthier life.

Entrepreneurs are tired, worn out and anxious. We run and race to meet a facade we see online to live at a level that doesn’t serve us,
our families or our clients well.

In this podcast I get vulnerable about my journey. I talk about the tremendous successes and tremendous failures I’ve had and I think there are things that you can take from this that will help you not only continue to grow your business (beyond what you thought were possible) but grow it in the healthiest way possible. With margin!

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The Truth About Success

Some of the things we discuss:

  • 2 major things I’ve struggled with for years that became overwhelming

  • Why we shut down a 7 figure business

  • Why I stepped back from the business

  • How to operate at a high level / heal / and still run your business

  • The negative reason(s) why I built business fast (Don’t do this!)

  • It’s okay to change your business if you don’t like it

  • What my next upgrade season looks like

  • And more…



Scale vs Growth:
Neglect this at Your Own Peril

Some of the things we discuss:

  • Why you don’t need to hit higher highs

  • I wish someone would have had THIS conversation with me

  • The unseen things you should focus on in business to scale

  • How much money you need to be “happy”

  • The new “clarion call” of success

  • The difference between growth and scale

  • And more…



Necessity of Slowing Down

Some of the things we discuss:

  • When to know you need to take a rest

  • Why it’s a problem to feel you “need to keep up”

  • The identity you need for sustainability in business

  • How i’ve gotten crazy levels of peace and contentment with less money

  • Why rest shouldn’t need to be justified

  • Why solitude is valuable for the entrepreneur

  • How rest from business reveals your margin

  • How going fast can cause you to miss out on the “choosing”

  • Why you should integrate rest and margin as soon as possible

  • The value of “slow growth” in business

  • And more…

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